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November 25, 2020
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November 25, 2020
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VALIANT VAULT .308 SST Bullet Cigar Punch


Our .308 Hornady 150gr SST Bullet Punch is designed and made in the USA by Green Beret Veterans we have had the opportunity to serve with. Inspired from our time behind a long gun, we decided to make something that brings our love for precision shooting and cigars together!

These are crafted from once-fired .308 brass but don’t worry; all casings have been cleaned and polished twice before assembly and a third time after assembly.


-Place bullet tip on the cap of the cigar and push in.

-Remove bullet and cap

-Enjoy your cigar

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Valiant Vault is owned by Green Beret and Federal Law Enforcement Officer Glenn Hastings. Want to hear about his service and why he started Valiant Vault? Click here for his interview and personal pics at Brother Born’s Team Room!