Brother Born is a collection of businesses owned by Special Operations Forces Veterans. These men of United States Special Operations represent the very best of America’s fighting spirit. Many of these brave warriors have returned home to start businesses of their own and forge new lives as civilians. As entrepreneurs, they apply the same never quit attitude and spirit of determination that served them so well during our nation’s mission-critical military operations.

Brother Born’s mission is to help make this transition from warrior to entrepreneur successful by highlighting their businesses.

Get to know our Members by reading their stories, learning how their experiences as warfighters influence their companies, and understanding why they are so passionate about their new ventures. Then travel to their websites, follow their social media, and take pride in purchasing the goods and services they offer. By doing so, you are tangibly supporting not a faceless corporation, but an individual who bears scars from protecting our freedoms. This is a powerful way to give back to these men and their families for unwavering service and sacrifice to our country.

Operating under the belief that forging together as a Brotherhood is more powerful than going it alone, Brother Born exists to strengthen those who never quit.

*Brother Born is proud to offer Sponsorship’s to all businesses, regardless of Veteran ownership status, through advertising on our site. Please contact us if you are a business wishing to support our mission.

Brother Born is owned by Elizabeth Ridenour and born of adversity. In 2013, she lost her husband, Amos, in a rock climbing accident. Their two children were 6 years old and 16 months old at the time. Amos was a Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy and SRT (SWAT) Team Leader in Montana. He embodied a professional warrior who was enthusiastic and undaunted in serving justice, yet compassionate towards his fellow man. But most of all, his legacy is that of a Christian husband and father. God and his family always came first, and he left his wife and children fully engulfed in his love.

About Us

The grace of God has gotten Elizabeth through these horrific years since Amos died. One of the ways He has done this is through the strength and encouragement of the SOF Veteran community. This Brotherhood sees life from about 300 stories up – they more than anyone understand the grand scope of life and death on this planet, more so than most others Elizabeth encountered in this world. Many of these soldiers are extremely contemplative as well, relating the very deepest issues of their soul with eloquence as warrior poets.

Through her deep friendships within Special Operations as well as thoughts and stories recounted by these warriors, she felt a certain kinship in her own adversity. Elizabeth shares, “I feel every day that I am just barely surviving my own fight and through the undaunted spirit of this community of brothers, it is as if I have a battle buddy to lean on, saying, ‘You can do this. Embrace the suck. Life is hard. It will not let up. You have to keep going. Never quit, never quit, never quit…’ ”

Elizabeth and her children live this mantra every day. They will honor Amos and keep moving forward in life. They will never quit. As a way to give back to the SOF Veterans that inspire her so, Elizabeth founded Brother Born to help them be successful forging their new path in life, as she and her children do the same.

“A friend loves at all times but a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17